Using Tellington TTouch for Pain Management

The Tellington TTouch, developed by Linda Tellington-Jones, can be used to relieve physical pain as well as to enhance comfort and a sense of well-being. TTouch is a gentle and non-invasive method of body work, tools and techniques, and movement that has been found useful to prolong and improve the quality of life of animals and can be used on canines in all stages of cancer. Many veterinarians have recommended that people apply TTouch to their animals. It has been shown to reduce pain, improve function and it gives the animal’s human companion a gentle way of relating that is calming and helpful to both the animals and their person.

TTouch helps bring an animal into mental, emotional, and physical balance. The TTouch bodywork is calming and healing for both the giver and the receiver, strengthening the bond between animals and people. The bodywork is done with the intention of healing every cell in the body.

According to Lori Stevens, a Certified Tellington TTouch® practitioner, “when a person is truly present and doing this non-habitual, non-invasive, and gentle bodywork, TTouch gets the attention of the animal’s nervous system and positive changes often occur. We also use gentle wrapping techniques, using ace bandages, and gentle movement, which often reduce pain and change movement patterns and posture for the better. It’s common to see positive changes in behavior and function both during and after a TTouch session.” Lori also says “I’m always amazed at how much potential our animals have to heal. I’ve seen cases where animals couldn’t walk or sleep and after one or two TTouch sessions they improved to the point of walking well and sleeping comfortably. I’ve also seen positive changes in the way people care for their animals such that the cancer was no longer an impediment to touch. It’s as if a barrier was lifted and people could finally re-engage with their animals in a meaningful and loving way through TTouch.”

If you do plan to incorporate TTouch into your dog’s pain management plan, I suggest that you find a certified practitioner in your area.  If not, Lori also has two DVDs where you can learn more about her techniques, as follows:

In my next post, I will provide an updated recipe for Sora’s Goo, and talk about when you might want to use it.


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