Wormwood and Cancer?

An article published in Dogs Naturally magazine in August of 2015 espoused the use of a natural plant compound called artemisinin in treating canine cancer.  A researcher at the University of Washington, Dr. Henry Lai, treated a dog with severe osteosarcoma who could barely walk with the compound and five days later, the dog had made a complete recovery.  X-rays indicated that the tumor was completely gone.  When my first dog, Porter, was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, artemisinin was one of the ingredients in his supplements.  But because his cancer had already metastasized, it is hard to say whether anything could have helped him by that point.

The effectiveness of artemisinin relies on the high iron concentrations and transferrin receptors that are found in cancer cells.  When the compound comes into contact with iron, it causes a chemical reaction where free radicals are created from charged atoms that are released.  The free radicals then “attack and bind with cell membranes, breaking them apart and killing the cell.”

The article includes information on dosing and how artemisinin should be administered.  It also refers to a Yahoo chat group where owners of dogs with cancer who are using artemisinin share experiences.  As with any treatment for canine cancer, it is up to you to determine the best course of action.  The results do look promising, but it is best to discuss any treatment plan with your veterinary oncologist.

3 thoughts on “Wormwood and Cancer?

  1. Pamela Lucia

    I was able to cure my Maggie Mae from Heart worms in 2015 by using Worm Wood with Black Walnut combination. The vet I use, does not believe in this choice of treatment. Oh well, I did it anyways, and the results were surreal…. I took her back three months later after giving her daily dosages I think was about two or three times a day depending on her weight at the time, and I had the same vet who diagnosed her to begin with, recheck her to see if she was healed from heart worms. Yes! She passed with flying colors. 🙂 Now we are dealing with two types of cancer. Lympthnode cancer and annal tumers They said every lympthnode was swollen in her body and that they did not see high hopes for her. Surprised, NOT! So I have had her on steroids they gave to us because I did not want to do chemo and put her through all that extra sickness etc… I am weaning her off the steroids and only have about 9 days left, skipping every other, so really only four doses left at 20mg 1 and a half tabs. I started her on a C-Support Herbs for one week before starting the weaning process, in order to build up her immune system, because the steroids were attacking her immune system so that the steroids could begin to decrease the lympthnodes in size! I went on line to order the C- Support herb she has now been on for over a week, as well as CBD Oil, which I started four days ago. She weighs about 80 pounds. I give her 10 drops three to four times a day of the C-Support Herb and I give her 15 drops of the CBD Oil morning, afternoon and evening. All seems to be working thus far, HOWEVER.. I thought about the Wormwood Combination with black walnut, and wondered…could this help her with the cancer? After reading your article posted here, I was right! But I do not know how much of the worm wood combination to give to her, and is it ok to add along with the other therapy of my choice to save her life! I told the vet who diagnosed her, that we would be back in 6 weeks for a new diagnose, better we are hoping for. Could you direct me to the dosage recommended for her weight, and tell me if it is wise to add this along with the C-Support and the CBD Oil?

    1. lola Post author

      Hi Pamela —

      That is so good to hear that you were able to cure Maggie Mae from heartworm! I would definitely refer back to the article, which has information on dosages to use. I would defer to your veterinarian as to whether the C-Support and CBD oil were okay to give at the same time, but it sounds like your instincts are really good so far!

      Best of luck and let me know how the treatment goes. I hope that Maggie Mae comes through with flying colors again!



    2. Pamela Lucia

      I could not find the article on dosages for dogs with cancer using wormwood. Could you please email me that article where it talks about the dosages for wormwood.


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