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There is a wonderful review of my book in this month’s Pet Connection Magazine (both the North — Page 8 — and South Sound — page 15 — Editions).  Ms. Halina Kiljanczyk did a great job of calling out the points about my book that I think are most unique and provide the most value add to pet parents who are interested in using hospice care at home.  I’ve bolded some of my favorite quotes from the review below:

“This well organized compassionate book is one that all dog owners should read even if their dog hasn’t been diagnosed with cancer. The first chapters of Lola’s book include diagnosis and testing, types of cancer and treatment plans. Then, the real treasure of the book begins with what I consider the “nursing” parts of the book, hands on things an owner can do to care for their dog as they fight cancer. Preparing delicious and easy home cooked meals, like quiche, scrambled eggs, creamy salmon, or doggy meatloaf to nourish your dog when their appetite is poor. Learning the use of cancer-fighting herbs and supplements provides you with more options, along with ways to effectively manage pain, and deal with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea (often side effects from the drugs used to treat cancer). Even extended petting sessions are suggested as part of caring for your ailing pet. It has been my experience that the more I do for, and with my dog one-on-one, using my own hands (to massage, to prepare meals, to groom and to hand feed) the more actively I have been able to participate in my dog’s care. This gives me greater ease I have letting go when the time comes. The bonding is two-way, and it can be intense and satisfying.

Chapters on the natural dying process as well as another on embracing grief and honoring memories are unique to most books on canine cancer and are handled in a gentle, instructive manner. Three other treasures: A fill-in-the-blank End (of Life) Plan, an excellent 8 page Whitepaper on Nutrition and Canine Cancer by Shelly Fuller Pet Nutritionist and owner of Paws Café in Redmond, and Photo-Illustrated Massage Plans are also part of this book. Not all dogs that get cancer die from it of course, and Lola includes a long chapter on true cases that include some surprising survival stories!

Lola will be reading from her book and answering questions on Sept 21st at Soul Food Books in Redmond. Come with your questions or just listen to a fellow pet lover who has “been there.”

I’ll be writing a post soon with details on my book event in Redmond this Saturday.

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