November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Yes, November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month.  And even though it is the end of the month now, my hope is that we can extend this awareness throughout the rest of the year, too.  The latest statistic I have seen from the National Canine Cancer Foundation is that one out of every three dogs will get cancer, and of those, 50% will die.  Some breeds have an even greater risk of death, such as Golden Retrievers at 75%.

That is why I feel so strongly about being prepared for cancer.  Being prepared does not mean that your dog will get cancer; it only means that you will know what you need to do to help your dog if they do get cancer.  Having been totally unprepared the first time one of my dogs was diagnosed with cancer, and also having been totally prepared the second time one of my dogs was diagnosed with cancer, I speak from experience.  It was a much smoother experience when I knew what to expect and what actions I needed to take.

I wish I had been more prepared the first time.

My wish for every dog owner is to be prepared for cancer, regardless of how difficult it might be to think about or how busy you are today.  You will be so grateful later if you are not caught entirely off guard and if you have a plan in place.

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