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While at the Pet Fair Extravaganza in Edmonds, I met Amy Swartz, who is the purveyor of a new line of animal supplements.  Her company is called Epic Pet Health.  As she was telling me about her products, she told me the real-life stories of al the animals she has helped with her supplements — over a dozen are available and cover everything from boosting the body’s immune response to providing pain relief to increasing energy and speeding the body’s recovery process.

Amy’s products are odorless and tasteless, and are either administered via a spray bottle directly onto your pet or added to your pet’s water bowl.  The supplements are made from diluted vitamins and minerals in a base of alkaline water with added electrolytes — no alcohol here, which is great news, since most dogs and cats do not like the taste of supplements based in an alcohol solution.

Amy’s products are available on Amazon.  Please let me know if you try any of these supplements and how they worked for your pet.  Amy will comment on this post to let us know which supplements she recommends for pets with cancer.

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  1. Amy

    Hi Lola,

    I started making the supplements in 2012 to help my dog who will be 19 soon. In many ways he is healthier now than he was 10 years ago. I originally made the supplements to help his arthritis pain, chronic cough, allergies and loss of leg strength. Then I started making supplements for other people’s pets who were in need of help and now there are 26 different formulas available. Here are some supplements that might help your pet through this difficult time:

    Happy – decreases stress and anxiety
    Repair – helps with injury and illness recovery
    Relief – decreases pain
    Sleep – relaxes your pet and encourages sleep
    Revive – an energy boosting supplement for pets
    Immune – boosts the immune system
    Calm – decreases excess or nervous behavior
    Massage – relaxes the muscles
    Kidneys – supports the body’s urinary tract and also has increased energy benefits
    Power – if your pet is losing strength
    Heat – increases circulation and body temperature
    Gain – encourages a healthy appetite and weight gain
    Vitality – It’s the multi-vitamin and is good for improved health in general

    The supplements don’t interfere with medications and several supplements can be given at once. I recommend spraying the face, food and water with the supplements so that it is absorbed by the respiratory tract and skin as well as the digestive tract. Pets often exhibit positive results in one to 14 days. I am always available by email or phone if you have questions. My contact info is: and 206 450 1118. It is my passion to help animals achieve their best health possible, and I believe anything is possible.


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