Free Online Interview Series November 19-22 on “Hospice Care for Our Animal Companions”

Dr. Ella Bittel is one of over 40 speakers that will be featured in the upcoming Death Expo 2015.  From November 19-22, 2015, the interviews are available for free.  Her interview is part of Track 2:  Caring for the Dying and her topic is “Hospice Care for Our Animal Companions.”  If you cannot listen to the interview during this free period, you can purchase an Access Pass which provides unlimited access after November 22.  These passes are normally $60, but if you enter the Coupon Code Speaker, you will receive a $20 discount.

While I can’t speak for the other interviews, I would highly recommend listening to Dr. Bittel.  In my mind, she is the founder of animal hospice in the US, and her website, Spirits in Transition, has many resources that are useful to anyone who is in the throes of providing hospice care to a beloved animal.

In her interview, Dr. Bittel covers what is required to provide hospice care to our dogs and cats, how to prepare yourself so that hospice care is a possibility for you and your animal, and understanding the conditions that are needed to allow a natural death with hospice.

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