Chance’s Spot and National Pet Loss Memorial Day

If you’ve checked out my Upcoming Events page, you may have noticed that I will be the guest speaker for a non-profit organization called Chance’s Spot on National Pet Loss Memorial Day, September 8, 2013.  Chance’s Spot is a non-profit organization located in Louisville, Kentucky that helps pet parents and professionals understand and cope with the pain of pet loss and grief.

In preparation for the event, they are creating a book to memorialize pets who have passed away.  For a nominal $10 donation, please consider adding the names of your pets.  You can find out more information about how to do this here.  I added both Porter and Jasper’s names to the book.  More information can be found here about National Pet Loss Memorial Day.  Regardless of where you are on that day, I encourage you to take a moment to remember the furry companions who have helped make your life fuller and your days brighter.

If you happen to live in the Louisville area, I will be selling and signing books at the event and would love to meet you and learn about your stories.  I want to help however I can.  Bring your questions!

2 thoughts on “Chance’s Spot and National Pet Loss Memorial Day

  1. Jennifer Davis

    Lola, so happy to learn of your book and am looking forward to reading it. My 5 y.o. corgi, Bella, was diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma on 12/22/12. We set up a FB page for her – Bella, Warrior Princess – to track our journey. We use the words of cancer and of treatment, we share our struggles in choosing and maintaining protocols, as well as our life experiences. Today, Bella is 8 months post-diagnosis, 3 months post-chemo. During her treatment and afterwards, she has continued to train and compete in canine agility, she has participated in cancer research fund-raisers, and we began Warrior Dogs, a canine cancer support group for families in our area. This has truly been a life-changing, and life-affirming, experience. In less than 2 weeks, she will turn 6 y.o., a true victory for us. Knowking that you are probably really busy, I hope that you will find some time to look at Bella’s page and perhaps “like” it so we can continue as well to reach out to more owners. I also hope that I am someday in the neighborhood of one of you book events so that I can personally congratulate you on your good work. We will add your book to our resources on our FB page, and again invite you to visit us when your time allows. Enjoy the day! Jennifer and Bella

    1. lola Post author

      Jennifer and Bella —

      Thanks for the lovely note! It would be great to meet you both someday, and congratulations on Bella’s amazing journey! I did like your page and will continue to check in periodically. You are both an inspiration to any pet parent facing a cancer diagnosis for their beloved dog!

      Thank you for sharing your story with me 🙂



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