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Marsha and her Bucket List

A family in the Denver area adopted Marsha from the Humane Society, finding out on the day they adopted her that she had cancer.  She had already suffered a difficult life and had been abused, so they went ahead with the adoption, knowing that no one else would likely adopt her in this condition.  They decided that they would do whatever they could to ensure that her remaining days were filled with the fun things that she loved to do, so they created a bucket list for her.

Since then, Marsha has been enjoying special walks, camping trips and fly-fishing outings with her two favorite people in the whole world.  You can read the whole story here.

I loved reading this story and so admire their ability to live in the present with Marsha, who does not exhibit any outward signs of suffering from cancer.  I aspire to have this same attitude if I am ever faced with cancer again.  Since I have battled cancer already 3 out of 4 times (and our fourth dog is only 3 at this point), my suspicion is that I will face that diagnosis again in the future.

Apologies for the delays in posting recently.  My son broke his collarbone and had to have surgery last week, so my focus has been in caring for him.

I will also be taking a break from the blog for the remainder of August, so look out for more posts in September!